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Donald Tusk begins his visit to kyiv

Russia called to explain to the UN over the transfer of Ukrainian children

Russia will have to explain to the UN on Monday the fate of Ukrainian children who, according to Kiev, have been forcibly sent by the thousands to Russian soil since the start of the war in February 2022. the child – composed of eighteen independent experts – must examine Russia’s file for two days as part of a regular review.

The experts’ list of multiple concerns was sent to Russia months in advance. Concerning I’“evacuation” Ukrainian children to Russia or Ukrainian territories under Russian control, they particularly wish to know how many children are affected and the “measures taken to protect the right of these children to preserve their identity, including their nationality”.

Ukraine estimates that 20,000 Ukrainian children have been forcibly sent to Russia. Only around four hundred have been repatriated by the authorities so far.

Moscow says it wants to protect these children from fighting. “The resettlement of evacuated children is done above all at their request and with their agreement”Russia said in its written responses sent to the committee in 2023.

The document does not give the number of children affected but adds that “Among those evacuated were children entering public institutions for orphans and children deprived of parental care (around 2,000 people in total)”don’t do it “children with Ukrainian nationality”.

He also specifies that, according to statistics from the Russian Interior Ministry, “46,886 Ukrainian children acquired Russian citizenship during the period from 1uh April 2022 to June 30, 2023 ».

Many other topics will be raised during the examination of Russia’s file, in particular the measures taken by Moscow to remove obstacles to children’s exercise of their right to freedom of association and assembly and to ensure so that they are not sanctioned for their participation in demonstrations, particularly against the war.