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Gérard Depardieu targeted by a new complaint for sexual assault

A new complaint for an alleged sexual assault has been filed against Gérard Depardieu, Carine Durrieu Diebolt announced on Sunday February 25 to Agence France Presse (AFP).

The lawyer, who already defends actress Charlotte Arnould, alleged victim of a rape which led to the indictment of Gérard Depardieu in December 2020, confirmed the information from Médiapart according to which she had transmitted to the Paris public prosecutor’s office on Friday by registered mail, and on Saturday by email, this new complaint for acts of sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexist insults.

When requested, the Paris public prosecutor’s office was unable to confirm the filing of the complaint, and Gérard Depardieu’s counsel did not immediately comment on all of the facts relating to the investigation site.

Making of the movie Green Shutters

According to M.e Durrieu Diebolt, the facts date back to 2021 and are not prescribed. They perform in Paris during the filming of the film Green Shutters, directed by Jean Becker. The woman denouncing these facts, named Amélie and aged 53, was a production designer on the set.

According to his account Médiapartthe actor would have made many serious propositions during filming in Paris, September 10, 2021, then later would have “caught with brutality” and he would have “kneaded the waist, the stomach, going up to her breasts”. The reported attack was reportedly interrupted by the actor’s bodyguards.

According to Médiapartanother woman, Sarah, aged 33 and third assistant director on the same shoot, accuses Mr. Depardieu of having touched her twice “chest and buttocks” on August 31, 2021, still in Paris.

The investigative site also claims that the actress Anouk Grinberg, who had declared in the press Mr. Depardieu’s behavior with women, filed a defamation complaint against Béatrice Achille Geissmann, Mr. Depardieu’s lawyer, for proposals from December . on France 5. Anouk Grinberg could not be reached by AFP.

In addition to his indictment for alleged facts dating back to August 2018, Mr. Depardieu is the subject of a preliminary investigation in Paris, revealed by the Western Mailfor sexual assault in 2014 on set by an assistant, then aged 24.

The complaint by actress Hélène Darras, who accused Gérard Depardieu of having sexually assaulted her during a film shoot in 2007, was filed at the end of December for prescription.

In December 2023, Spanish journalist and writer Ruth Baza also filed a complaint in Spain against the actor for rape, for acts dating back to 1995 in Paris.

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