sábado, junio 15

Israeli army announces discovery of Hamas’ ‘largest tunnel’ under Gaza Strip

New attempt by the UN Security Council to call for a ceasefire

Ten days after an American veto, the United Nations (UN) Security Council must decide on Monday on a new text calling for a. “urgent and lasting cessation of hostilities” in Gaza, at a time when Washington is showing signs of impatience with its Israeli ally.

On December 9, despite unprecedented pressure from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the United States blocked the Council from adopting a resolution calling for a “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip where the Israeli army continues its deadly strikes in retaliation for the unprecedented bloody Hamas attack of October 7. Last week, the General Assembly adopted this same resolution by 153 votes for, 10 against and 23 abstentions, out of 193 member states.

With this overwhelming support, the Arab countries announced a new attempt at the Security Council, the outcome still uncertain. The new draft text prepared by the United Arab Emirates, seen by Agence France-Presse, “calls for an urgent and lasting cessation of hostilities to allow unimpeded access for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip”. In particular, it demands that the parties to the conflict facilitate the entry and distribution of humanitarian aid throughout the Gaza Strip, “by land, sea and air”.

The draft also affirms its support for the two-state solution and “underlines the importance of unifying the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority”. Like the previous one and the one adopted by the General Assembly, this text does not name Hamas, an absence systematically castigated by the United States and Israel. On the other hand, he condemns “all indiscriminate attacks against civilians”, “all acts of terrorism”and demands the release of the hostages.

Security Council resolutions are binding, but regularly ignored by the countries concerned.

The Gaza health ministry, administered by Hamas, reported 18,800 deaths in Israeli bombings on Friday.

“In the face of such atrocities, there is only one moral position, only one defensible position: a ceasefire now”pleaded the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, on Friday from the podium of the General Assembly. “Calling for a ceasefire now, while (the hostages) are still being held, is the most immoral thing”replied his Israeli counterpart Gilad Erdan.