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practical, but with style

Menstrual panties made a discreet arrival, first in pharmacies, a few years ago, driven by brands specializing in intimate hygiene or periodic protection, such as Saforelle or Nana. The principle of these washable underwear? Absorb period blood and do without a tampon or sanitary napkin. The first models were most often black, cotton, basic. With the main function of responding to a need.

“The beginnings of menstrual panties in France, in 2018, were very timid and, indeed, the design was extremely basic.e, remembers Vanessa Causse, trend expert for the International Lingerie Show. Then, in recent years, we have seen more and more young brands launching exclusively into this sector, with greater attention paid to style. This gave greater visibility to this product and undoubtedly aroused the curiosity of women looking for alternatives to tampons or sanitary napkins.. »

It was in 2014 in the United States that the first brand specializing in this area, Thinx, launched on the market. Since then, in France, many labels have taken the plunge: Smoon, Sisters Republic, Moodz, Elia, So’Cup, etc., all young companies created in recent years, almost exclusively by women.

Wye Morter and Alexandra Rychner launched their specialized brand, Réjeanne, in 2018, after a participatory fundraising campaign on the Ulule website. “We pre-sold 800 panties in twenty-four hours, and more than 7,500 after forty-five days of the campaign. The market was more than ready”, recalls Wye Morter. Indeed, in 2021, sales of menstrual panties are multiplied by 37 (i.e. an increase of 272%) in France, according to the research firm NielsenIQ.

The new.

For Réjeanne’s two friends, former lawyers, style was the priority. “Our idea was immediately to take a fashion turn, so that these panties fit into current lingerie pieces. There is no reason why these models, under the pretext that they are utilitarian, should abandon style”, explains Wye Morter. In their collections, we find black panties in fine Calais lace with arabesque or geometric patterns, others in midnight blue or burgundy in organic cotton with guipure finishes, or even models with fine silver stripes.

“Making menstrual panties involves constraint techniques, in particular to construct the bottom of the panties which has several layers”However, points out Alix de Moussac, co-founder and artistic director of the lingerie and swimwear brand La Nouvelle, based in Marseille since 2014. It was at the request of her customers that she launched, in November 2022, her first range of menstrual panties.

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